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ROI – Return on Investment

Investments are all about making money. With the purchase of eDinette, restaurateurs can get back their investments realistically, without much delay. Manpower resources and administration expenses can be reduced to a great extent and the paperless environment can save much of the money. By cutting down such expenses, the profit levels are enhanced and the amount spent for the product can be recouped easily.


Minimizes Waiting Time

eDinette can be used in helping diners to minimize time to select their choice of food and receive their order. The product allows customers to select their food items and put them to a cart and get their orders materialized quicker without much confusion. Furthermore, the diners can track order status real-time and even cancel order if not processed. eDinette also has options of facilitating group orderings and billing adjustments, if any.


Enhances Customer Service

The customers are served better with options to touch, view and order food items. Through the feature which allows the diners to personalize the food items they want, the diners with their preference of ingredients can modify each dish. Moreover, the display of food items also carries the description of ingredients and calorific value of each and can be found useful for diners who are allergic to certain ingredients or to those on a diet. The service of a steward is also offered, if necessary and could be summoned directly from the tablet.


Increases Efficiency, Productivity and Profits

The restaurant’s functionality and efficiency is improved through eDinette as there is a streamlined and organized flow of tasks. Menu contents can be easily integrated through the user friendly menu management software which is installed on the server. The order processing is faster and the customer satisfaction is enhanced which directly boosts sales and profits.


Other Business Benefits

  • Significant cost reduction in terms of manpower optimization through operational/multi-language selection
  • Hosting advertisements of major brands as part of ROI strategy.
  • Reduced paperwork environment
  • Improved order processing efficiency
  • Faster response/service for a wide range of hospitality services from placing the orders in the restaurants to billing procedures.
  • Better customer experience resulting in improved brand value and increased customer reference.