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For Waiting Areas

Uniquely designed for the restaurants'/cafe's waiting area, eDinette offers the perfect way to those waiting diners to get hold of the menu, specialties of the day and the running combo offers. eDinette devices catering to such scenarios normally have a larger screen and will be mounted on the wall or to a custom made stand. These are also aimed at prospect diners who are checking out restaurants for that perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. eDinette will hold the impulse-buying strategy of stimulating appetite to those prospect diners too. The diners can view the menu which contains explanation of each dish, the ingredients used and their calorific value. Once the selection of the menu is done and confirmed, the diners can push the food items to a cart. A token number will then be issued to the diner. This order automatically goes to the kitchen with the token number. The diner can keep this token number and could hand this token number any of the stewards on floor. By the time they are seated, the ordered food can reach their table.



  • Tempts people for impulse buying
  • Multilingual support offered.
  • Displays vibrant images of dishes with detailed description of each dish.
  • Provides information on food and drink pairings, hot deals and combo offers
  • Lists out entire menu or specific categories
  • Quick order processing and delivery reducing the waiting time per customer
  • Instant information on the bill status
  • Facility to club or split orders