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For Self-Service Outlets

Just as the tablets employed at the restaurants, KIOSKS find its usage in the fast food service outlets. Often, there will be long queues in such outlets since the menu could be chosen only before the counter and it may take quite some time for the diner to finalize the menu and convey it to the person at the counter. Avoiding scenarios of such long queues at the cash counters, the KIOSKS facilitate the diners to choose the menu prior to reaching the cash counters for which they can make the payment and get the items across the counter easily. The diners can view the menu through the KIOSKS installed at the outlet premises. Once the selection of the menu is done and confirmed, the diners can push the food items to the cart. A token number will then be issued to the diner. This order automatically goes to the kitchen with the token number. The diner can take this token number to the cash counter and submit it at the cash counter. This reduces the waiting time before the counter while selecting the items during the order in the usual scenario. The payment is then made and items are delivered to the diner.



  • Facilitates an impulse buying and enhanced dining experience.
  • Offers multi-language selection.
  • Powered with digital pictures of available dishes with detailed description.
  • Suggests food and drink pairings, hot deals and combo offers
  • Features entire restaurant menu or just a segment, for e.g., wine list.
  • The order can be placed quickly and with ease and receive the order reducing the waiting time per each customer.