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For Hotels & Resorts

The e-Dinette is built from the ground up on the concept of empowering the guests and comes with selected applications that enhance the guest’s experience in the hotel/resort property. The e-Dinette also becomes a travel guide for guests by helping them map out their itinerary with location details to make their stay and travel a magnificent experience. The content for the guests is specifically designed to promote interaction between the tourists and e-Dinette, thus providing the unprecedented opportunity to deliver the traditions and life of the location and further collect valuable guest information and utilize web based advertising to reach the affluent tourists directly.



  • Equipped with POI's (Point of Interest’s) to enrich the travelling experience of the guests on board the Hotel/Resort.
  • Facilitates notifications from any of the operating departments of the hotel/resort to its guest.
  • Promotes the brand of hotels/resorts through familiarizing the guests with its hotels and resorts around the world through advertisements, newsletters & postcards.
  • Captures real time guest feedbacks on any of the services.
  • Fully fledged digital menu and streamlined order management system.