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Bon App├ętit... Digitally

  • View, touch & order food and beverages
  • Easily navigable menu
  • Picturesque display of food items
  • Description of ingredients and calorific value
  • Personalize the choice of toppings and seasonings
  • Call-on-steward option

Multi-language Selection

  • Wide range of languages to choose from
  • Process order in chef's choice of language
  • Entire transaction in diners' preferred language

Mediatainment & Games

  • Play movies and mp3 music
  • Platform for on-screen games
  • Play movies and mp3 music Optional Table-to-Table chat feature
  • Facility to add more interactive games

Order Status

  • Allows to view the exact status of food
  • Provides five status - Open, Processing, Delivered, Billing & Closed

User Interface Customization

  • Theme set up on restaurant backdrop
  • Option to alter background images like welcome screen / photos of dishes
  • Customize screen template/color gradients/ icons

Fingertip Table Analysis

  • Enhanced staff efficiency
  • Analyze order patterns
  • Better utilization of the menu & resources
  • Restaurant reservation facility
  • Shopping facility from in-house boutiques