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For Hotel Chains

Very often, there are many unforeseen challenges in managing multiple units of a single hotel chain. eDinette offers efficient centralized management of multiple outlets of a hotel chain. State wise, zone wise, outlet wise reports on sales can be generated which helps in improved service of customers. The information of all outlets can be updated on a 24-hour basis or at random basis as necessity arises. A favorite dish can be promoted throughout the chain or can be pushed zone wise or outlet wise using eDinette’s centralized management functionality.



  • The entire hotel chain can be effectively managed through a centralized system where food menu can be scheduled and updated at any time.
  • Centralized or distributed MIS for sales information
  • Daily sales reports of all the outlets can be viewed at a single location.
  • Promotion of new items can be displayed in all outlets simultaneously
  • Promotional contents and general messages can be displayed in all locations.
  • Customer feedback can be collected from all the units and improve business accordingly.