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About eDinette

With the advancement of tablet technology and wireless connectivity, the landscape and prospects opening new arenas in serving hotel guests with class and quality have never been better.

eDinette, the touch sensitive tablet/Kiosk designed for the new generation hospitality sector employs innovative and efficient solutions which make it different from its competitor products.

As an interactive digital menu envisioned on a tablet with user-friendly features, eDinette acts as a replacement to the customary menu card that needs a lot of browsing through and facilitates the diners to navigate easily through the menu, the specialties of the day, with the rates listed along with the dishes.

With a single touch, eDinette opens before you a whole world of taste acting simultaneously as a butler, steward, entertainer, bulletin board, receptionist, cashier and much more.


eDinette offers a unique opportunity to customize your order suiting the differing taste needs of your palate and presents before you a mix and match of diverse toppings and combinations to give you a delicious and flexible cuisine experience. The entertainment and games incorporated into eDinette diverges your attention to a pleasurable scenario adding to the ambience of the dining milieu.

Taking the role of a regal attendant, eDinette gives the restaurateur complete manipulative rights of the administrator which helps in scheduling menu contents, adding new special dishes and promotions, acquiring feedback from customers, improved customer service and increased efficiency that enhances your relation with the customers and augments your business. It aids the cooks behind the curtain who gets notification of the orders by the customers and also gives track of the stock statistics and daily consumption reports.
With enhanced customer service and satisfaction, improved order processing efficiency and man-power optimization, eDinette is a unique and refreshing innovation to the diners around the world.