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The Diner

Diners are the most privileged class in any restaurant chain and they are offered a cornucopia of benefits through eDinette.


Selection and on-screen Ordering of Dishes

The customer can make a choice of his dish and place the order on-screen without waiting for a man in attendance allowing them to view, touch and order the food of choice.


Selection of Cuisine / Beverages with Photographs and Multimedia Descriptions

Customers can select his cuisine to match his taste, regional or continental, and place the order for dishes and beverages accordingly.


Multi-language Selection

This is a unique feature of eDinette that augments perfect customer service throughout the entire transaction. As diverse in likes and dislikes, diners come from different community, from near and far locales. eDinette supports multi-language assistance to enable customers, especially tourists, to comprehend the menu options and make their orders in their own language. This avoids confusion and assists customers from far and wide to grab a bite of their liking without the need of a translator.


Personalization of the Ordered Menu Items

The customer can personalize the dishes by making or even amending his/her own choice of combinations of dishes and toppings, seasonings and side dishes.Video/Audio presentation on the description/preparation of a dish/drink. A descriptive video/audio presentation on the preparation of every dish/beverage will be presented to the customers. This reduces confusion among customers owing to lack of details on food items.


Display of Ingredients and Calorific Value

A picturesque display on the ingredients of each dish and their calorific value will be given to the customers for them to choose the right dish


Call-the-Steward on Demand

The service of a waiter will be provided if the customer wishes so.


Music and Video Selections

Online music and video sections are offered for a pleasing dining experience. Customers can watch videos or listen to music during their impatient wait for food.


Interactive Games

The kids can play a bunch of on-screen games with an option to add more games to the default package.